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  • What is an API?
    API stands for "Application Programming Interface". In simple terms, it is a way for two computer programs to communicate in order to transfer information. Global Blue is making some of its content and data available, via its API, for use in products and services.
  • Why has Global Blue decided to make its content/data available for outside users?
    Our overall mission is to enable and simplify the integration with our Customers, Partners and Suppliers. Using our API this can happen virtually anywhere, on any device. An API program is an excellent way for us to work with partners more quickly and easily than ever. We also recognize that there are a large number of public developers who may be using RSS feeds and other mechanisms to integrate Global Blue content into their services. Our API is a more robust solution for handling those types of integrations.
  • Who is the intended audience for the Global Blue API?
    Consumers of our API generally fall into 1 of 3 groups:
    • Internal - Global Blue employees and contractors using the API to build Global Blue apps and internal services;
    • Partner - companies working w/ Global Blue to include Global Blue content in their products/services; and
    • Public - independent, registered developers using Global Blue content according to our API Terms of Use.
  • How might I use the content that’s made available via the Global Blue API?
    We want you to get creative! For example, you may include the Global Blue content from the API on your website or in your mobile application. We believe that your innovative use of the Global Blue API will enhance your products and services, and provide a more robust experience for your users.
  • Do I have to pay to use the Global Blue API?
    Our API is free for non-commercial use, and within the usage limits described when you register for a developer key. If you have a specific application that requires more than the allotted limit of API calls per day, you may be asked to become an Global Blue API Partner, at which point a specific business agreement may be reached with you. Please note that not all APIs, or individual pieces of data contained within APIs, are available to the general public.
  • Can I use the Global Blue API for my business?
    The Global Blue API is for non-commercial use only and governed by our current API Terms of Use. Using the Global Blue API for commercial purposes, including selling or charging a subscription fee for the Global Blue content made available in the API, selling a product or service that is built with the Global Blue API, or including Global Blue content in a product or service that includes advertising, is specifically prohibited unless a separate business agreement is reached with Global Blue.
  • Why can't I access more Global Blue content/data than what is available in the Global Blue API?
    Some information that is found on Globalblue.com and other Global Blue sites is not available for re-distribution/syndication. Our goal is to make as much information as possible available to our developers, and our offerings may change over time. Please check the Global Blue Developer Center regularly for new APIs and enhancements that you may be interested in using.
  • Do I need to give Global Blue credit if I use information from the Global Blue API?
    Yes. Unless a specific agreement has been reached with Global Blue that dictates otherwise, we have standard branding and attribution guidelines that must be followed when including Global Blue API content or data in your application. Specific points to consider are that the application must not be marketed as an Global Blue application and the primary branding in the application should not be Global Blue. It should be a standalone product, with its own branding, that may include Global Blue assets from our APIs. Standard attribution examples for the Global Blue content used in the application can be found on the branding and attribution page.
  • What data formats does the Global Blue API support?
    We currently support XML, JSON, CSV, JSV, HTML. For more information, check out our Technical Overview to learn more about how to interact with our API.
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