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Technical Overview

The GlobalBlue APIs (GB API from now on) they have been designed in an easy and intuitive way.
However, is useful to read the below paragraphs before start using them.

Creating an API Request
To make an API request, you need to:
  • Have your developer key
  • Know the resource you're looking to retrieve
  • Know the format (i.e. JSON, XML) you want the response to be returned in

Example of an API request:

Response Formats Supported
The GlobalBlue API supports the following formats:
  • XML
  • JSON
  • CSV
  • JSV
  • HTML
You can choose which format you want to have returned when sending an API request passing it in querystring (i.e. ?format=json).
The GB API can also determine the format by parsing the HTTP Accept header.
The following headers are currently supported:
  • application/json
  • text/xml
The server responds with an HTTP Content-Type header containing the same value supplied in your Accept header. If you supply a callback function when requesting a JSON response, the server responds with application/javascript.
Error Handling

When an error is encountered, you’ll receive an appropriate HTTP response code (for example 404 for "File Not Found".) You’ll also get details returned to you in the body of the response.

Common HTTP Response Codes
200 (OK) Request was successful.
400 (Bad Request) Invalid format for your request. Make sure you're passing in the correct parameters.
401 (Unauthorized) Not authorized to make this request. Check the API documentation to be sure that you have access to the API or portion of the API you're making a request to.
404 (Not Found) The requested resource could not be found. Check spelling and review feed docs.
500 (Internal Server Error) Server side error processing request. Please try again later.
504 (Gateway Timeout) Server timed out trying to fulfill your request. Please try again later.
API Consumer Categories

GB API organizes consumers of its API into 3 categories:

  • Internal: Consumed only by internal Systems
  • Partner: Pre-approved partner, using GB content according to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Public: Pre-approved consumer using GB content according to our Terms and Conditions.
Upon registering, you’ll automatically be placed in the Public category.
Only GB can upgrade your access to a different category. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us.
Not all API content and data is available across all access categories.
GlobalBlue Branding & Content Policy

All consumers of the GB API are required to provide attribution according to the GB Branding Policy.

Get Started

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