Global Blue's refund calculator allows you to work out how much you'll save on your international purchases. Simply choose the country where you bought your goods, and add the price of each purchase to calculate your refund amount.


The size of a standard MPU (300x250px), this version of the refund calculator allows the user to calculate the savings on a single item after the country of purchase is selected. The result can be shared on social networks and the operation can be repeated three times before the user is redirected to the full version of the refund calculator.

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The express refund calculator is ideal when there's limited space available on the page. Once the purchase country is configured, users will simply have to input the purchase amount and hit 'Calculate' to see how much they can save when they shop tax free.

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The article contextual is used on articles featuring specific products and it's the best option to show users the advantages of shopping with Global Blue. There's no action required by the user as the savings are calculated on the amount entered by the site admin. The widget is available in two different sizes according to the space available on the page.

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The full version of the refund calculator is the most complex version available, where users can calculate their refund amount on a number of item and add them up to get an overall figure.
This version of the refund calculator is available in white, used on the Global Blue site, and blue, meant to be a Facebook app.

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